When To Consider Brake Resurfacing

Smooth Brakes Need a Smooth Surface

Vibrating brakes, grinding noises, and decreased brake power are all signs that you need prompt brake repair services. One possible issue with your brakes is damaged rotors. Learn how to brake resurfacing can restore your brake power and keep your rotors functioning safely for years to come.

The Brake Resurfacing Process

Your brake rotors have a smooth surface to allow your brake pads to press against them. As your vehicle slows down, your brake pads create friction with your rotor. Over time, your rotors may become bent, chipped, corroded or covered with brake pad deposits. Brake resurfacing requires a skilled technician to carefully grind away any buildup and clean off debris to restore a smooth, polished surface. Depending on the amount of grinding and cleaning necessary, it may cost more to resurface rotors rather than to replace them entirely.

Benefits of Brake Resurfacing

Resurfaced brakes restore your full braking power. Receive professional resurfacing and brake pad replacement services to enjoy smooth, confident braking. Not only will you enjoy reduced brake times, you’ll also prevent sudden brake failure that can be associated with damaged rotors.

Compare Replacement and Resurfacing

A similar brake repair service is rotor replacement. When a technician discovers severe buildup or structural damage on your rotors, it may be more cost-effective to replace your rotors completely. A local, professional technician can easily swap out your rotors with a brand-new, mirror-like rotor. Minor wear or buildup is relatively easy to clean, so some resurfacing projects are more affordable than complete rotor replacement. Ask your technician to inspect your rotors, brake pads and calipers to discover your brake issue and determine the best solution to keep your vehicle safe.

Enjoy Premier Brake Repair Services in Bantam

Restore your safe braking power today when you stop by The Quiet Zone in Bantam, CT. Schedule a service today to enjoy state-of-the-art inspection and repair techniques and equipment. Our local auto shop offers premier resurfacing services for any make or model of vehicle. If you need new rotors, we’ll assist you in selecting the best rotors to fit your vehicle and your budget. Enjoy greater peace of mind by enjoying quality brake repair and maintenance services today.

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