Understanding The Emissions Test

Why It’s Needed

When it comes to vehicle ownership, the emissions test is something that most car owners will have to experience at some point in their lives. The emissions test is responsible for regulating the gases our vehicles release and it plays an important role in keeping the air quality in every state clean. It was first introduced by the EPA as a solution to the air pollution problem that cars created. As more cities and states increased their population and vehicle ownership, the problem only grew. It’s why the emissions test is so important, as states like California and Pennsylvania are actually home to some of the worst polluted cities in the world.

How You Can Pass

Despite its importance, most people don’t take the emissions test with that in mind. For most vehicle owners, they take it because they’re required to. According to the Connecticut DMV’s Emission Inspection Requirements, all vehicles are required to take the emissions test. Wondering how you can pass the test? Here are a few pointers to help you pass the test and take another step towards registering your vehicle!

Look for the Check Engine Light

When inspectors look at your vehicle, the check engine light plays a huge part in whether you pass or fail. Inspectors typically utilize a diagnostic device to analyze your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic II (OBDII) system. This device will then assess your vehicle’s computer system and quickly determine if something is wrong. This system will determine if you pass or fail, so it’s important to take it seriously.

If you see your check engine light go off before your inspection, visit a shop and have it taken care of. Some people may try to turn it off without fixing the issue, but an inspector will still be able to tell something is wrong.

Bring Your Vehicle Into Our Shop

Unless it’s a loose gas cap, it’s best to bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as you see the check engine light. Our technicians will utilize the same diagnostic tools an inspector would use so we can locate and fix the problem. By having it quickly serviced before your emissions test, you’ll greatly increase your chances of passing the test.

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