Understanding Black and Gritty Motor Oil

Why Does Oil Get Dirty?

Engine oil is a vital component in keeping your car running properly. It lubricates parts, removes engine heat, and protects against corrosion. It starts out amber but eventually becomes black and gritty. This alteration in color isn’t something to worry about. It’s a sign that the motor oil is doing its job properly and that it’s time for an oil change. The Quiet Zone in Orange, Connecticut can tell you when exactly oil needs to be changed so visit us for regular service!

How Engine Oil Works

Oil starts in a pan, where the fluid is then pumped to a filter to clean it from dirt and debris. It moves throughout the engine to lubricate it and remove buildup, finally returning to the pan. The process repeats itself every time you drive, thus lowering the quantity of oil and making what’s left grimy over time.

Causes of Black, Gritty Motor Oil

Besides normal wear and tear, other factors can contribute to faster contamination of the oil. The most common reason is the filter clogging up. If it’s full of gunk already, it can’t continue to clean the oil. Immediate replacement is recommended to avoid engine damage. That’s why filters are routinely changed during fluid service.

Another reason for dirty oil is that you’ve waited too long to get the oil changed. Globs on the dipstick are a red flag. Also, watch out for low oil levels or the oil light coming on. These could mean there is a leak or other issue in the system. If you have concerns, contact the professionals!

What To Do About Blackened Oil

The good news is that an oil change is usually all that’s needed to solve the problem. The sooner you schedule one, the better. It may be inconvenient to get routine maintenance, but it prevents you from dealing with bigger, more expensive repairs down the road. If it’s been too long, there may be additional damage that needs addressing.

Take your car in for a lube service and other maintenance at The Quiet Zone in Orange, Connecticut. We can meet all your auto needs to boost the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

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