Three Things to Understand About Oil Changes

Why You Should Do It

When it comes to the variety of maintenance tasks that your vehicle needs, a consistent oil change is what typically comes to mind first. Motor oil is responsible for lubricating the components within the engine and keeping it clean. Over time, this oil can wear out, get dirty, and be much less effective or even harmful (if left in there long enough!). By following a consistent oil change schedule, you’ll help your vehicle’s engine stay well lubricated and clean while in use!

Are you confused about motor oil and the overall oil change process? Don’t worry, The Quiet Zone in Orange, CT is here to help you out. Here are three things that you should keep in mind when your car needs an oil change.

Time for a Change?

When trying to determine when your vehicle needs an oil change, always reference your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guide. This guide will not only inform you of when your vehicle will need an oil change, but it will also give you insight into the overall operation of your vehicle.

Along with that, many vehicles are now equipped with warning indicators or health bars that will inform you when you need an oil change. Whenever these signals are triggered, it’s best to be proactive and bring your vehicle to our shop as soon as possible!

Understanding Oil Level

During use, your vehicle’s oil level may drop. This can be due to wear or there may be a leak (if you see a leak visit us as soon as possible!). You can check the oil level by utilizing the dip stick in your vehicle’s engine. Before dipping the dipstick, make sure it’s clean. Once it’s clean, insert the dipstick into the engine and inspect the findings. Every dipstick will have marks indicating the high and low oil levels. If the oil ends at the high mark or in-between the two marks, your oil level is fine. If the oil ends at the low mark or below, you’ll need to add more oil.

Along with that, make sure you check the color! Oil should be brown and black. If you see anything other than those two colors, the oil could be old or there may be other problems with the engine. Make sure you visit The Quiet Zone as soon as possible if this is the case!

How Long Between Each Change?

Due to the advances in automotive technology, many vehicles can now last 7,500 miles or 6 months before their next oil change. Although the popular belief is to get it changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, that simply isn’t the case. For a clear idea of when you should get your oil changed, the best resource will always be your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guide.

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