Selecting the Right Oil

What Does Your Vehicle Need?

Although many people know about the importance of a consistent oil change, what some may not know is that the type of oil you put into your vehicle is just as important. Even if you follow a consistent schedule, if you fill your vehicle with the wrong oil you could reduce its overall efficiency or even damage the engine (and that’s expensive). There are a number of motor oils available and it pays to find out what’s best for your vehicle. Curious as to what motor oil your vehicle should use? Reference your manufacturer’s guide! By being aware of the type of motor oil your vehicle needs, you’ll ensure your vehicle is performing at its best.

Wondering what kind of motor oils are available? Here are four motor oils that you’ll typically find at The Quiet Zone in Torrington, CT!

Full Synthetic

This oil is best used for vehicles that are in extreme heat or cold climates or if the vehicle is used for heavy-duty tasks such as towing and hauling. Full synthetic oil fights against oil sludge, has a higher level of viscosity, and has a resistance to oxidation & thermal breakdown. Along with that, it can increase horsepower by reducing engine drag and improve fuel efficiency!

Keep in mind that this oil will cost a lot more than regular oil, so its best to discuss with a Quiet Zone technician if it’s the best option for your vehicle.

Synthetic Blend

A mixture of synthetic and conventional oil, synthetic blend has many of the traits of full synthetic, but at a lower price point. It does have additional elements such as a boosted resistance to oxidation and high-quality properties for low-temperature environments. If you’re looking for the benefits of synthetic oil but don’t want to pay the full fee, this may be the best oil for you and your vehicle!


This oil is common among most vehicles. Vehicles that typically use this oil have a low-to-average mileage and have a relatively simple engine design. Unless specifically told by your technician, you can’t go wrong with this oil as it’s cheap and flexible for many vehicles.

High Mileage

This oil will be utilized for vehicles with a milage of 75,000 and over. It will help reduce oil consumption, minimize leaks & oil seepage, and help manage the increased smoke & emissions that are typically found in older engines. If your vehicle is at or over 75,000 miles, make sure you discuss this option with your Quiet Zone technician!

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