Stop and Think About the Condition of Your Brakes

Make Sure They Stop You in Time

The Quiet Zone in Waterton, CT is your one-stop shop for all preventative maintenance and repair services to your car’s brake system. Next time you come in to see us, ask us to take a look at your brakes. Even if you aren’t currently experiencing any drivability issues with your car, truck or SUV, I’m sure you’ll agree that the piece of mind in knowing that you and your passengers are safe on the road is in invaluable information. Our trustworthy and friendly mechanics use the latest in state-of-the-art diagnostic technology combined with good old-fashioned experience to inspect and repair any part of your braking system if need be. We work on any make and model, both foreign and domestic.

Types of Automotive Braking Systems

Generally speaking, there are two primary kinds of brake systems in vehicles: an older style of brake system known as a drum brake system, and a newer type of brake system known as disc brakes. Usually, it’s either/or, but some cars use a drum brake system in the rear and a disc brake system for the front wheels. As you might expect, the front brakes do the majority of the work when slowing your car down or when you come to a stop. Since disc brakes are the newer and more effective type of brake system, it is reasonable to use them for the front wheels especially. As mentioned earlier, those two types of systems are primary braking systems.

Let’s Talk ABS

In addition to your primary braking systems, vehicles have an emergency or parking brake, and most modern cars also have an ABS system or an anti-lock braking system. While you are most likely familiar with your parking brake, the ABS system may be new to you. This system’s purpose is to slow down or stop your vehicle if the wheels lock up and stop rotating, and begin sliding along the ground without rotation. The ABS system detects this type of behavior and quickly alternates between activating and deactivating the brakes, even though your foot doesn’t move from the brake pedal. This causes the tires to stop sliding, and continue rotating to hopefully find traction shortly after that. All this all happens in the space of a few seconds, so as you might imagine, it’s a complicated system! Rest assured, we know understand the system in and out and will happily service your ABS system if need be.

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