Emissions Testing in Torrington, CT

Helping Reduce Emissions For Cleaner Air

Protecting the Environment One Car at a Time

It’s no secret that our planet’s health has been severely impacted by the invention of the automobile. Many states in the United States of America have now passed laws that require drivers to get their vehicles emissions tested at regular intervals, and Connecticut is one of them! Our home state requires an emissions test once every 2 years and failure to pass can result in having your rights to transportation revoked for a period of time, which can be really inconvenient. Our specialized team of ASE Certified Technicians can perform an honest emissions test and provide adequate advice if your vehicle happens to fail. We know a lack of transportation can really impact your life, and we want to do everything we can to help and keep you on the road!

Why Do We Smog Test?

To put it frankly, we perform emissions tests because we care about the environment. Without honest shops performing emissions tests, we could be doing even more serious damage to our planet. Let’s face it, without the space we have on this Earth we wouldn’t be able to work in our field of passion – auto repair! Most cars require an emissions test because of the harmful pollutants that are emitted from their gasoline-combustible engines. This may go without saying, but electric cars do not require emissions testing because they simply do not create pollutants! Hybrids, on the other hand, still require a test because they still partially use gasoline to power their engines.

If your vehicle fails to pass its emissions test, it’s important to get the repairs made as quickly as possible and get a re-test. We will help you with any issues your car may be experiencing and if we can’t make the emissions repair ourselves, we can refer you to someone trustworthy that can.

Get Your Test Scheduled Today!

If you have recently received your notice that your car is almost due for its emissions test, we are the ones to call. We will perform the test at a fair cost and help with any issues we find. We pride ourselves in our honesty to our customers and our care for the environment. Our expert team knows exactly what they are doing and it is our promise to you that you will receive the most premium care at The Quiet Zone of Torrington. If you are ready to have your car inspected, feel free to give us a call at 860-618-7007 or just stop by for a visit at 1299 East Main Street Torrington, CT 06790. In Torrington, we are all family and we will treat you like our own.