Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Torrington, CT

Professional Tools and Certified Technicians

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

When driving in your car or truck and your check engine light comes on what should you do? Most car owners, do not know what that light is trying to tell them and how they should respond. Fortunately, you have found The Quiet Zone of Torrington. We are the best equipped and staffed service center in the area. Our technicians will determine exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and recommend the best possible solution. Our technicians have all the latest and greatest diagnostic equipment needed to diagnose your check engine light and locate the failure with your vehicle.

Your check engine light is most confusing indicator on the dashboard. A check engine light can signify many different things – it could be as simple as a loose gas cap to something much more serious like a failed catalytic converter. It doesn’t mean you need to pull your vehicle over and get a tow truck. It does mean you should take your vehicle to a shop as soon as possible though. If you disregard that warning you could end up doing serious damage to your vehicle.

What the MIL Means

Modern vehicles have computers that control and monitor your vehicle’s performance this is called your vehicle’s diagnostic system. When it finds a problem it turns on a warning indicator labeled “check engine light” (CEL) or “malfunction indicator light” (MIL). In addition to turning on this indicator this computer will log code that tells the source of the problem. This code can be deciphered with either a diagnostic computer or an electronic scan tool; both of which are equipment we have at The Quiet Zone in Torrington. This p-code will assist in figuring out the root of the problem, but the repair will still requires an experienced professional to completely diagnose and fix the issue. You can count on our team to be your experienced professional for all of your automotive needs.

What to Do

Your check engine light may blink, stay on, or vary in color depending on the issue. If the light blinks or is red this indicates an issue that needs immediate attention. Your check engine light indicator will be different depending on model of your vehicle. On a late-model vehicles for instance a blinking light might indicate that your engine is misfiring. You would need to get that looked as as soon as possible. If your light is constant the problem isn’t as urgent, but you should still get it checked out when you can. Computers will compensate when there is an issue, so it may be difficult to notice that your vehicle isn’t performing as it once did. Ignoring a check engine light is potentially hurting your vehicle and your wallet in the long run. Call us today at 860-618-7007 to schedule a full diagnosis with our technicians.