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Where would we be without our brakes? That’s a very scary thought I’m sure you can imagine. To put it simply, we would all be in a lot of trouble without them and we would definitely not feel safe driving every day to our jobs and our homes. We cannot even begin to express how important brake repair and maintenance is for the safety of our customers and everyone else on the road around them. Make sure to be attentive to any brake repair you might need!

How to Know If Your Brakes Need Service

There are several warning signs that you may be in need of immediate need for services. It’s important to be attentive to how your brakes are feeling and performing to avoid a potentially life-threatening accident. On your next trip on the road, give your brakes a small test. If your brakes are vibrating or making sounds when you press the pedal, taking a little too long to respond or jerking at all, you need to get them looked at right away! Another sign that they may need some help is if you can smell a burning smell after you park your car. Brake failure is an extremely dangerous reality to face if you ignore these warnings.

The best way to ensure your brakes perform optimally and bring you to a screeching halt when needed is to get them regularly checked and serviced by your trusted technicians at the Quiet Zone in Torrington. Depending on your vehicle, your brake pads will need to be replaced every 25,000-70,000 miles. This is a huge range, and if you aren’t sure what your vehicle specifically needs, please give us a call and we can advise you on the proper time for a replacement. You should also go ahead and have your calipers serviced, resurface or replace rotors, and flush your brake fluid when necessary. Also keep in mind that brakes wear faster when driving in areas with traffic that require frequent stops, and also in places that have hilly, windy roads. If this sounds like your day-to-day commute, get your brakes checked just to be safe.

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Brake repair and maintenance should be taken very seriously by you and your technicians. Our ASE Certified Technicians take pride in the high-quality brake services we provide for our customers. We execute a dependable service while providing a healthy and comfortable relationship with our customers. We know your car and safety is important and promise to care for you just as we would our own families. If you are in need of a brake service, call us at 860-618-7007 or stop by and chat in person located at 1299 East Main Street Torrington, CT 06790