Why Wheel Alignment Is Important

Help Extend the Life of Your Tires

Have you ever ran a 3-legged race during field day or at a family picnic? It can be frustrating having one or more of your legs not working with the others. Wheel alignment works much in the same way and can often be overlooked as an important service, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From a safety perspective, a bad wheel alignment can be extremely dangerous because it can cause your car to drift out of your lane or even hydroplane out of control on wet pavement. Not only that but uneven wear and tear on your tires can lead to loss of traction during an emergency or even one of the tires blowing out. From a performance standpoint, proper wheel alignment plays a huge role in the following: Fuel efficiency – If one tire is even slightly misaligned, it creates a small amount of drag that can cause the engine to work harder than it has to. Tire Wear & Performance – if one or more tires are dragging, they can wear at a different rate than the rest which can play a huge factor in a vehicle’s ability to steer as well as overall maneuverability. If your vehicle is tracking as straight as an arrow, chances are that your wheels are properly aligned, but if that isn’t the case (even just a little bit) you should bring your car into The Quiet Zone and we will get everything straightened out.

At The Quiet Zone in Thomaston, CT, we have expert technicians and state-of-the-art equipment able to diagnose and correct even the smallest misalignment on your car, truck or SUV. We make sure to road test your vehicle both before (to understand exactly what is wrong) and after the alignment (to make sure we did the job right). Imagine running in a race with two different shoes that don’t fit. That’s exactly what it’s like driving a car with wheel that aren’t properly aligned. At The Quiet Zone, we would rather earn your trust by solving your alignment problems in a straightforward and honest manner. We won’t offer you a cheap alignment just to get you in the door and offer other parts & services. We will tell you exactly what is wrong with your camber (when your wheels lean toward or away from the car body, affecting tire wear, traction, suspension & steering control), caster (when the pivot angle of the steering column compared to the ground can affect your overall steering, affecting how your steering feels at high speeds) and/or toe (the angle from the front tire in comparison to the back, affecting uneven tire wear), and exactly what you will need to do in order to get it back on the road and driving straight as an arrow.