Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

You Can Trust Our Expert Diagnosis

When your car’s check engine light lights up on your dashboard, it can lead to feelings of anxiety and dread, with your mind racing to the worst possible reasons. Check engine lights can come on for a variety of reasons. It can be anything from the gas cap not being screwed on tight all the way to a major engine or transmission problem. That’s why it’s extremely important to bring your car to a professional technician here at our Thomaston repair shop so that they can properly diagnose the issue. Our expert ASE Certified Technicians, along with our state-of-the-art brand new diagnostic equipment will make sure that you’ll know (within a timely manner) exactly what is going on with your car, truck or SUV. Sure, you’re probably safe to drive right now as long as your light just came on and the car isn’t performing strangely or doing anything weird, but it’s better to bring it on down to us here at The Quiet Zone in Thomaston, CT to get it checked out in an accurate and timely manner. The longer you wait to get your engine light checked out, the more potential damage you could be doing to your engine in the long run.

We Are the Diagnostic Professionals!

At The Quiet Zone, our team of ASE Certified Technicians have all the tools and state-of-the-art diagnostic computers to accurately assess all foreign and domestic makes & models of cars, trucks & SUVs. We will, in a timely manner, inform you of exactly what the problem is and let you know if and what repairs are necessary to get you back in action and on the road safely. Your business means a lot to us, and the way we earn repeat business is through our commitment to honesty. If something doesn’t need to be fixed immediately we will be straightforward, let you know exactly what needs to be prioritized, and will not try to upsell or overcharge you. If your check engine light is on due to an actual engine issue (and not something minor), The Quiet Zone in Thomaston, CT offers the following engine services: engine replacement, engine performance check, belt replacement, hose replacement, oil leaks, cooling system repair, radiator repair and replacement, water pump repair and replacement, fuel injection repair, ignition system repair, and much more. We will always use quality parts and OEM parts where we can. We service foreign & domestic vehicles, diesel engines and mid-sized work fleets. If your check engine light is on and you don’t know what to do, reach out through the website or give us a call. Or, the next time you are in the Thomaston area and have questions about your engine, feel free to just stop in and speak with one of our friendly expert staff members.