Knowing When To Get Your Brakes Fixed

Keeping Stopping Distances Short in Thomaston, CT

Brakes are one of the most important components of a functioning vehicle. We are experts in all things brakes and can quickly and efficiently diagnose any problem that needs addressing. However, there are a few ways to check for wear and tear on disc brakes that you can do yourself before bringing your car into the shop, first by listening and then by looking. Have you heard a high pitched squealing or screeching sound when you apply the brakes? That’s the sound of an indicator, which is there to provide an audible warning that you need new brake pads. This sound is loud enough to be heard with the windows rolled up (but sometimes is hard to hear over the radio or air conditioning). If you are hearing this sound on a regular basis, you should quickly make an appointment with one of our experts. The second way to to check is to use your eyes. Check for wear by looking at your brake pads and brake caliper through the wheel spokes. Generally speaking, there should be at least ¼ inch of pad. If you see anything less than that, you should come in to have things inspected or replaced. Another way to tell is by feel. If your brakes are not as responsive as they used to be – meaning you are stopping slower or having to push the pedal lower to the floor for longer – this could be an indication of a leak in the brake system, including an air leak or a brake fluid leak.

We Are Brake Repair Experts!

At The Quiet Zone, all of our expert technicians are adept at servicing brakes on all makes and models of cars, SUVs and trucks. If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms discussed above, you should immediately bring your car to our Thomaston location for inspection. For many drivers, brake repair and maintenance is something that is often overlooked. Brake maintenance is extremely important not only for performance, but also for safety. Our highly trained brake specialists will not only help diagnose the problem, but will also provide knowledgeable insight into which brake pads and rotors will fit best based on your driving patterns and vehicle make & model. As with any other tune-up or service, when it comes to brake repair we will make sure everything is properly calibrated and road ready – using only the highest quality and OEM parts in every service we do – so that you can be fully confident in your ability to stop your car on a dime. Call or email us today and you’ll see why The Quiet Zone is the best place in Thomaston to fix your brakes.