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Laser Guiding Alignments in Orange, CT

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Wheel Alignments are a service that is performed frequently to ensure safety and to extend the life of your tires. If you were to skip out on getting your wheels aligned regularly, you may find yourself with extremely worn tires or even worse… a blowout! Here at The Quiet Zone of Orange, the last thing on our agenda is premature replacement of your tires because of a lack of attention to your wheel alignment. Our professionally trained team of ASE Certified Technicians knows the ins and outs of alignment and exactly when it’s necessary. Your vehicle is safe with us, and we will service it like we would service our own!

Why Alignments Matter

You may notice on your daily trips out and about that not all roads are smooth and new. In fact, most roads have bumps and potholes that simply cannot be avoided at times. Over time as you hit these imperfections in the asphalt, your wheels slowly become misaligned or otherwise known as crooked. When your wheels aren’t all pointing straight, the surface area of your tires isn’t having contact with the road at the same rate. This leads to wearing down certain parts of your tires and weakening of the rubber, which is dangerous to drive on. If you have worn tires, it’s much easier to hydroplane in wet weather, and you might even have a tire blowout in extreme conditions.

You might be able to tell if your tires need to be aligned if you are experiencing a shimmer or shaking sensation while driving at certain speeds, your steering wheel isn’t pointing straight while you are driving straight, or if your car is pulling to the left or right. Alignments also go hand in hand with tire rotation when it comes to extending your tire life. Trust us, it’s much more cost-effective and stress-free to get your wheels aligned regularly than to unexpectedly experience issues or have to buy a new set of tires. Your wheels need to be aligned depending on where you drive, what you use your vehicle for and what type of vehicle you have. Our team of skilled mechanics can let you know the best time to service yours.

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If you feel like it might be time to schedule an alignment for your vehicle, we’re here to help! We are the experts here in Orange and you should feel free to call us at 203-553-9950 or pay us a visit at our shop located at 404 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477. We are here to serve you with the most excellent auto repair in Orange, CT.