Check Engine Light Diagnostics

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Check Engine Light Services You Can Trust

Have you ever taken a seat in your vehicle, started the engine and felt the unease of that eerie check engine light? We hope you haven’t, but if you have you’ve come to the right web page. Check engine lights can come on for an array of reasons and need to be diagnosed properly. Here at The Quiet Zone of Orange, we have a great team of ASE Certified mechanics who are ready to help you determine the trigger of that light and to solve your problem the first time around.

Why is your Malfunction Indicator Light On?

What makes the malfunction indicator light, or check engine light, tricky is that its presence can mean there is a costly repair in store, or simply a minor one that is cheap and easy to fix. Regardless, the first step is a correct diagnosis. You need to take your vehicle to a shop with state of the art diagnostic equipment so the problem can be located and remedied the first time and you don’t find yourself back in the shop a few weeks later. If your light has recently turned on, first check to make sure your gas cap is in good condition and safely secured on your vehicle. You’d be surprised at how many time that happens! That’s a problem you could fix yourself by running to an auto parts store and purchasing a new cap. If that’s not the issue, you need to bring your car in for closer inspection. Other common causes of the check engine light triggering are catalytic converter failure, mass airflow sensor failure, or spark plug issues that need to be fixed.

If these issues are left unattended, you will certainly experience a lower fuel economy and other parts of your car can be damaged. Increased emissions can also be a direct result of ignoring your check-engine light and you may fail your emissions test. Stay on top of it and it may be easier to budget and plan for your repairs. Regardless of the problem at hand, you need a trustworthy mechanic you can trust to make the correct diagnosis and repair with integrity.

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If your check engine light is on and you’ve already checked to see that it’s not related to your gas cap, we want to be the mechanic you can trust. We promise to use the highest quality diagnostic equipment to make the right repair the first time you visit. Here, we’ll treat you like family! If you have any questions, please call us at 203-553-9950 or visit us at our shop located at 404 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477.