What Should I do If My Check Engine Light Comes On?

Don’t Delay - Come in For Expert Diagnosis

The moment your check engine light illuminates can be pretty unsettling. The questions begin. How serious is it? Is it catastrophic? How much is this going to cost me? Who do I take my beloved (or in some cases not so beloved) vehicle to have it looked at? While the former questions can often be more difficult to answer immediately, the last question is easy. Regardless of make or model, The Quiet Zone in Bantam should be your first stop when you need to find out the why and how much behind your check engine light warning. Keep in mind that time is likely an important factor when it comes to warning lights becoming illuminated. Warning lights should be addressed as soon as you can make it work within your schedule to have them looked at by professionals—like us! Whatever you do, don’t ignore this helpful, albeit not very fun feature of your vehicle.

What is My Vehicle Trying to Tell Me?

The reason why this warning light has decided to make an appearance can vary greatly. Here at 738 Bantam Rd, we’ve seen it all. Using our advanced diagnostic tools, we will hook your car up to our system and find out whether it’s as simple as a loose, damaged, or missing gas cap, or a more complicated fuel mixture issue. From spark plug problems, damaged distributor caps, 02 sensors, to mass air flow sensors—The Quiet Zone in Bantam will accurately diagnose and replace or repair what is needed to get you back on the road as soon as possible. These aren’t the only types of vehicle issues that will trip your service engine soon light, but these examples are a few of the more common problems we see on a regular basis. Some of these examples can quickly get worse over time, and eventually affect other parts as well, so don’t wait to come in and see us once you see that light come on!

Choose The Quiet Zone in Bantam

A good technician is hard to find these days. Technical expertise surrounding all makes and models, patience, integrity, and a drive to help people get back to their normal lives as soon as possible are all qualities we look for when we hire technicians. Call our Bantam location today at (860) 484-7018 to see for yourself why so many customers choose The Quiet Zone as their first stop when an unpleasant warning shows up on their dashboard. Older vehicles, newer vehicles, imports and domestic—we know them all. We welcome webforms as well if you’d prefer to get in contact with us that way. Our friendly service advisors are standing by to schedule your appointment today!