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Routine Maintenance is Key

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You love your vehicle. You can rely on it to take you anywhere you need to go — as long as you keep up with its maintenance needs. From the first moment a brand new vehicle is driven off the lot, it’s susceptible to wear and tear. Fortunately for vehicle owners, manufacturers create and share maintenance schedules that keep cars in their top condition. Your vehicle is an important investment and you rely on it to get where you need to go. Show it the care it needs to stay dependable throughout its lifetime by following manufacturer recommendations.

When it comes to routine maintenance, there’s no better support team than The Quiet Zone in Orange, Connecticut. We understand what services your vehicle needs to continue running as well as it was designed! And the most important and frequent service your vehicle will need is an oil change.

Why You Need Oil Changes

Motor oil protects the engine and allows it to perform its best mile after mile. It lubricates parts to prevent damage from friction and overheating. It contains useful additives that condition the engine and protect it from contamination. But to perform its purpose, motor oil must be kept fresh. That’s why regular oil changes are essential! They flush out old, dirty oil and replace it with new fluid that’s able to perform better.

How often you need oil changes depends on your individual driving habits. The more miles you travel in a certain time period, the sooner you’ll need to get the oil changed. To help drivers track the time between oil changes without using a dipstick to visually inspect the motor oil, a sticker is placed in the upper left corner of the windshield. It usually has the date of the last oil change and the technician’s best estimate as to what date another will be needed. In case your driving habits vary from their prediction, the mileage at which another oil change is recommended may also be listed. Remember to check there to determine when you’re due for service.

The Quiet Zone in Orange, Connecticut can help you stay on top of oil changes with reminders for upcoming service requirements. Let us help with your vehicle’s maintenance needs!

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