How Often You Need an Oil Change

Recommended Service Schedule

So you’ve been told time and time again that you need frequent and regular oil changes to:

  1. Keep your car in top condition
  2. Protect the engine
  3. Maintain normal running temperatures
  4. Prevent damage caused by overheating
  5. Prevent engine failure

But the problem is that those oil changes add up. Even though you know your vehicle needs them, you want to make sure you are only getting them when you really need to. Trust us, we understand! Who wouldn’t want to get the most out of their vehicle’s services? You pay to change the oil, so you want to make sure you get everything you can out of it before it’s time to replace it again. That’s why recommended maintenance schedules exist!

Check the Owner’s Manual

When your vehicle was designed and manufactured, the engineers knew exactly what kind of oil would be needed to help the engine perform at its best. They also figured out how well it would perform for a certain amount of time to determine when oil changes were necessary. Luckily for you, all of this information is organized into your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. Here, your vehicle’s manufacturer lays out ideal intervals for oil changes based on average driving habits.

Maintain Good Driving Habits

The thing to keep in mind with any recommended maintenance schedule is that it isn’t always a one-size fits all. Depending on your individual driving habits, you may need more frequent oil changes. For example, aggressive drivers are those who hit the gas hard when the light turns green and wait until the last minute to hit the brakes. Those types of habits put more strain on their cars, which means they probably need more frequent service. It’s true that driving your car harder may cause parts to wear out faster — and that includes the motor oil.

How often you need oil changes depends on your specific vehicle, it’s recommended schedule, and your individual driving habits. For more help on optimizing your vehicle’s service schedule, contact the professionals at The Quiet Zone in Orange, Connecticut!

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