What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

When your check engine light comes on, it is important to get it checked out straight away. The light might be an indication that there’s a serious problem like a significant engine problem, as that could be a security issue, or it might be something simple like tightening your gas cap. In this article, we’ll

What is the Catalytic Converter and What Does it Do?

Perhaps you’ve recently noticed a funny smell from your car’s exhaust, or maybe your fuel economy has drastically decreased. In any case, the catalytic converter could very well be the offender. However, not every driver knows what the catalytic converter is, which is why we will help break down what it is and why it

What Goes into a Wheel Alignment?

Your vehicle is composed of several hundred components, but none may be more important than its wheels. But, knowing when to service your car’s wheels can be a difficult thing to understand, let alone manage. In this article, we will examine what a wheel alignment is and why it matters for your car, truck, or

Bad Driving Habits that can Affect Your Vehicle

Most modern cars provide good reliability over tens of tens of thousands of miles provided their servicing is up to date, they are not driven abusively, and they get some basic checks in between major service appointments. However, there are some bad driving habits you also need to be aware of to save your car

Typical Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

One of the most fundamental auto maintenance steps with any vehicle is ensuring that your car, truck, or SUV runs smoothly. Among the best ways to make certain that your automobile lasts you for tens of thousands of miles is sticking to a normal oil change schedule. However, as changing oil is quite straightforward and