When To Consider Brake Resurfacing

Smooth Brakes Need a Smooth Surface Vibrating brakes, grinding noises, and decreased brake power are all signs that you need prompt brake repair services. One possible issue with your brakes is damaged rotors. Learn how to brake resurfacing can restore your brake power and keep your rotors functioning safely for years to come. The Brake

4 Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

Schedule a Wheel alignment To Keep Your Car On the Straight and Narrow The alignment of your wheels can significantly determine your safety and comfort on Bantam roads. A properly aligned vehicle drives straight and true, while a misaligned vehicle tends to drift or veer to one side or the other. Unfortunately, your alignment can

How Bad Oil Damages Your Car

How Good Oil Keeps the Heart of Your Vehicle Running Longer If you drive a car, you know that you should get regular oil changes to keep your car running well. Understanding what oil does in your car and what happens when oil gets dirty can help you understand the importance of maintaining a schedule.

Understanding Black and Gritty Motor Oil

Why Does Oil Get Dirty? Engine oil is a vital component in keeping your car running properly. It lubricates parts, removes engine heat, and protects against corrosion. It starts out amber but eventually becomes black and gritty. This alteration in color isn’t something to worry about. It’s a sign that the motor oil is doing

How To Deal With a Check Engine Light

Trouble Code 101 When your check engine light suddenly appears on your dashboard, it can be distressing. This indicator could signal a serious problem with your car, or it could be something minor. Having that uncertainty can add more stress to your day. It’s important to investigate the potential problem as soon as possible so